Hideyuki Nakajima

Completed the Graduate School of Information Engineering, University of Tokyo in 1983 (Doctor of Engineering). In the same year, joined the Institute of Electrical Engineers. 2001 Director of Cyber ​​Assist Research Center, AIST. 2004 President of Future University Hakodate. In 2016, he was a specially appointed professor at the Advanced Artificial Intelligence Education Donation Course at the University of Tokyo. Former Chairman of Cognitive Science Society, Former Vice Chairman and Former Editor-in-Chief of IPSJ. Editor-in-chief of the Service Society. Fellow of IPSJ, AI Society, Cognitive Science Society. Main textbooks: Artificial intelligence-its destination and future (Shogakukan), the truth of artificial intelligence revolution-the world of singularity (WAC), the mystery of intelligence (Public Hakodate Future University Press), Handbook of Ambient Intelligence and Smart Environments (Springer), Mystery of Intelligence (Kodansha Bluebacks), AI Encyclopedia (Kyoritsu Publishing), Thinking (Iwanami Course Cognitive Science 8), Prolog (Industrial Books).

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