Nakamura Mia

Associate Professor, Graduate School of Arts and Engineering, Kyushu University. Specializes in art sociology. We are researching the processes and mechanisms of artistic activities that affect people and society, and making proposals on cultural policies that make use of that knowledge. After graduating from Tokyo University of the Arts, studied musicology and cultural studies at Cornell University, Michigan University, Washington University St. Louis, etc. Doctor of Science (Tokyo University of the Arts). He wrote "The First Handbook of "Social Inclusion x Cultural Arts"" (Kyushu University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Social Art Lab, 2019), "Social Art Lab-Opening Communities and Society" (Wednesday, 2018), and single author "Opening Music-Trilogy of Art, Care, and Culture" (Misuisha, 2013). He has written many books on gender and sexuality, including "Queer Sexology-Unraveling the Impressions of Sex" (Impact Publishing, 2008). After working as an assistant professor at Tokyo University of the Arts, he took up his current position in April 2014. Deputy Director of Social Art Lab, Kyushu University, Director of Co-creation Society, Director of Art Meets Care Society.

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