Yasushi Ogasaka

Completed doctoral course at Gakushuin University Graduate School of Science and Technology. Doctor (Science). After working as a JSPS Overseas Research Fellow (NASA/GSFC), etc., became an assistant in the Department of Elementary Particle Astrophysics, Nagoya University in 2000. Engaged in high-energy astrophysics research using X-ray astronomy satellites and X-ray telescope development. In 2009, after joining JST, funding for science and technology promotion, A-STEP, regenerative medicine, CREST, PRESTO, and other funding business, in October 2015, he started working as an information business (J-STAGE, JaLC, researchmap, JREC- In charge of IN Portal etc. Also in charge of the open science policy in the JST funding business. Since 2017, he has been an outside expert member of the Cabinet Office “Examination Committee on Promotion of Open Science based on International Trends”.

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