Rita Zonius

Rita is an experienced corporate communications practitioner, social media advisor and internationally certified executive coach, focused on helping organisations and their leaders be the most open, social and collaborative they can be.

Before establishing her business, Rita led Internal Digital Communications at one of Australia’s top four banks, ANZ, to help the organisation realise the business benefits of enterprise social technologies. Her work has been widely recognised as a ‘textbook’ example of building digital capability in a way that has delivered real business value.

As a consultant, Rita enjoys helping executives build their impact and influence by learning to become socially engaged. She also likes getting under the hood in organisations to get new social media and enterprise social initiatives up and running or work out ways to kick-start stalled attempts.
Rita’s passion for social extends to sharing insights about social ways of working in social media and through her involvement as a co-host of weekly Twitter chat, #ESNchat.

As a seasoned communicator who’s taken on the challenge of working with social technologies, Rita is in a unique position to provide a range of perspectives on challenges organisations face in wanting to try a more open way of working in the digital age.

When she’s not helping people find their social media muscles, she’s a gym instructor, coaching people to build strength through weight training.

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