Atsushi Kume

Specializes in bioenvironmental physics, plant physiology and ecology, forest ecology

1989 Graduated from Waseda University, Faculty of Education, Department of Biology
1996 Completed Waseda University, Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Department of Physics and Applied Physics (Doctor (Science))
1996 JST-CREST Hiroshima University Sakugawa Project Researcher
2000 Kyushu University Agricultural Research
2004 Assistant Professor , Department of Forest Resources Science, Toyama University 2004 Associate Professor, Department of Biosphere and Environmental Science, Faculty of Science, Toyama University 2008 Associate Professor,Department of Forest Resources Science , Kyushu University Faculty of Agriculture 2015 Professor , Department of Environmental Agriculture, Kyushu University

English magazine editing history
2005-2008 Journal of Plant Research, Editorial Board ( Japan Plant Society, Springer)
2006-2015 Plant Root, Editor (root Study Group, J-Stage)
2006-2013 Ecological Research, Editor (Ecological Society of Japan, Springer )
2009-2012 Journal of Plant Research, Editor
2014-2018 Ecological Research, Editor-in-Chief
2016- Scientific Data, Editorial Board (Nature-Springer)
2017-2018 JPR Future Planning Committee of the Botanical Society of
Japan . 2018- Ecological Society of Japan Publishing director, 3 English magazine publishing business started (Wiley)

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