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Tuesday, July 26, 2022
10:00 am
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[New Webinar] Open Access Publishing in Scientific Literature – Perspectives from an Editor-in-Chief

This webinar is open to all researchers in Southeast Asia and Hong Kong who are interested to find out more about publishing in open access. The publishing business is changing and we are seeing trends of more open research surfacing in the past 10 years. Open research is about making research more collaborative, transparent and reproducible, so that it leads to better outcomes.

We have invited the Editor-in-Chief from Aging and Cancer Journal, James DeGregori, to share with us his perspective on open access publishing. Aging and Cancer is a quarterly peer-reviewed, international open access journal that is focused on understanding how the process of aging is a central component of cancer evolution and progression. We will end the session with a quick sharing on the open access guides and resources by APAC Customer Success Manager from Wiley, Autumn Tay.

Webinar outline:

• Advantages of publishing in open access – why it matters to authors

• How to catch the attention of the editorial board when submitting a scientific paper in an open access journal

• Wiley open access transformative agreements in Asia Pacific

• Open access guides and resources on Wiley Author Services