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Introducing Wiley Digital Archives


What we do
Bridging the past to the future

Wiley Digital Archives restores, digitizes and catalogs the archives of some of the world’s most influential academic and scientific societies and universities, connecting the brilliant minds of the past with the researchers shaping the future.

We bring centuries-old, unique primary source content in an advanced platform, making it accessible anywhere in the world.

Our content includes the archives of the Royal College of Physicians, the Royal Anthropological Institute, the New York Academy of Sciences, the Royal Geographical Society, and the just-launched British Association for the Advancement of Science, still on demo mode.

We’ve given these rare source materials a new digital life, delivering them through a proprietary platform that makes searching, sorting and sharing content easy.

Why we do it
Preserve. Restore. Respect.

Each archive tells a story of discovery and innovation in the history of Sciences—but, in the past, only those with the means to travel to the archive site benefited from this content. We make it accessible to scholars worldwide, while preserving the originals for future generations.

The process starts with conservation. It’s not unusual for our team of accredited conservators to spend as much as 750 hours repairing, restoring and cataloging archive materials prior to digitization, always leaving the materials in better shape than when we began.

Using state-of-the-art scanning technology, archival content is then transformed into clear, crisp, searchable documents and made accessible on our platform where researchers can find, group, translate, download, manipulate and share historical materials with ease.

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